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Visit Cowlitz CountryThe Cowlitz Tribe is a growing force in community building in what are now Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis and parts of Pierce, Skamania and Wahkiakum Counties, a vast territory occupied by numerous Cowlitz villages prior to non-Cowlitz exploration
Visit Unity of Port TownsendUnity celebrates the universal truths in all religions and honors each individual’s right to choose a spiritual path. Come home to a circle of kindred spirits where we seek to celebrate that Divine Presence which infills and unites all of us and our world.
Visit Raven House HealingRaven House HealingA Center for Reiki, Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Studies.
Visit Blue Heron ClanWe are a study group and drum circle based in Skagit County, Washington State, dedicated to maintaining Native American traditions. Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings or drumming events.
Visit The Power of CeremonyHelping people create meaningful ceremonies for personal and family transitions, celebrations, and healings. Linda Neale is amazed and grateful for the presence of the Unexpected in her life. Through a series of surprising events, she was led to become a writer, teacher, dreamworker, and ceremonial facilitator. She is also a businesswoman, a community leader, a family therapist, and mentor to many. Her work overlaps the circles of deep ecology, systems thinking, depth psychology, Native American spiritual traditions, and women's spirituality.
Visit Soars High DreamcatchersSpiritual Dream CatchersHand crafted by Oglala Sioux “Soars High - Two Crows” Each is an exceptional one-of-a-kind creation suspended in a Rare Earth magnetic field permitting it to float  and move freely within a natural Cedar Frame mounted on a Chaka Canyon Table Stone Base.